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Cape Villas History

Cape Villas 2013 and onwards: “S-Web (Villa Secrets)”

In February 2013, development finally began for Villa Secrets, with Nick Ray Ball pushing long weeks directing a team of programmers from India, going back to what he enjoyed and what he did best. Initially an exact duplicate of Cape Villas was created; its name was created to be specific to the search phrase that would be advertised on Google. to which the shorter brand name was created.

However, before creating more sub sites, the website needed to be completely remade in HTML5 in a modern attractive way, which engaged the user. It also needed to be re-optimised for Google, and improved in all areas.

Work is currently ongoing, at fever pitched pace, in the development queue, is a comprehensive client suite, real time on line booking, and various tools to assist in the booking process. Most useful to all travellers renting villas will be the “building map,” which will shortly have photographs and advice on every building site from Fresnaye to Llandudno. In the same line, a pre-legal contact is prepared to asset in making sure communication on the most important points is without error, also created to cement owner responsibility.

A separate site for mobiles is in the development, as is the financial accounting program, which is as close to fully automated as can be without the direct programming into a bank. The restriction being, the weekly download of an online bank statement into excel, then to be uploaded into the system. Thus avoiding all human error that is not deliberate, which is most of the battle won.

Once the above is programmed, more websites will be released, as per the Facebook Travel plan each operated by an individual or small group. In total eight websites are expected to be launched in Cape Town this year, covering all likely keyword combinations twice. In 2014 Cape Villas and affiliated S-Web websites expect to gain 50% of the direct online search engine market, with various interplay between the different franchises.

On June 1st 2013, the next territory Cape Villas and S-Web are to champion, was confirmed with the purchase of the domain name www.LuxuryVillas.LA from whence it is expected by mid 2014 to make a play for dominance in LA, Sacramento, San Francisco and Pala Alto, after which it is desired to attract Facebook’s and other Pala Alto technology companies (Silicone Valley) attentions.

It’s all for a good cause, American Butterfly is philanthropic and ecologically friendly, so please wish Cape Villas and associates luck. And know, when you book with Cape Villas you are supporting the development of what is expected to be a very special network in the not too distant future.