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Luxury Villas in Camps Bay           Camps Bay Beach Houses


Camps Bay Luxury Villas           Camps Bay Beach Villas

About Camps Bay, by Cape Villas founder Nick Raymond Ball
Luxury Seaside Holiday Dream in Camps Bay

Breathtaking… that’s how one would describe the sights and sounds in Camps Bay, South Africa. This stunning seaside suburb is a hillside community you will find in the Western Cape. A quintessential location where many multimillionaires call home, and where discerning travelers prefer to stay while on holiday.
Luxury villas and self-catering residences are available, from apartments to contemporary multilevel homes, mountainside mansions, and ultramodern penthouse. Without a doubt, you’ll find your dream home away from home.
Not only that, Camps Bay has a family-friendly atmosphere where groups of travelers are warmly welcomed. It’s non-windy climate also makes it a great place to enjoy outdoor activities.
Imagine setting your eyes on spectacular scenery, the majestic mountains – Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles - you are instantly in awe of nature’s beauty. But the unusual landscape is just one of the many reasons why visitors from the region and around the globe are lured to this fascinating locale.
Camps Bay is along the Atlantic Seaboard which is part of its irresistible charm. Camps Bay Beach, recognized as a Blue Flag Beach from 2008, is the biggest white sand coast in the area. The seaside is a favorite spot for picnics, where most people spend their time to have fun, enjoy the view, and get to see the dramatic sunsets.
The seafront is also where you’ll find superb restaurants and cafés. The palm-fringe promenade offers a taste of local and international cuisines with fine wines and seafood as part of the menu. There are also excellent shops situated within the vicinity. You might also like to hit the bars at Victoria Road (opposite side of Camps Bay Beach) at the end of the day.
If, however, you desire to have a sense of the local culture and be close to nature, you can also arrange for guiding biking tours or walking trails around Camps Bay.